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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Chiang Mai: Winter is Over

Chiang Mai's three weeks of winter is over. I no longer need a sweater at night. In fact, unless there is a breeze, I don't even need long sleeves. The change in the temperature is apparent nearly every day. I wake up and realize I never used my second blanket. I sit in the sun at lunch and decide it is too hot. The water in the pool is not as cold, because the night before wasn't cold.

Thais are happy to be coming out from behind their quilted jackets, hats, and gloves. A long-sleeved shirt or a shawl now suffice during the day and even into the evening. There will be no more incongruous scenes, where I say 'Sawadee' to a Thai shivering in his quilted, imitation-fur-collared jacket while I'm on the way to the pool dressed in my bathing suit and a sarong. Soon I will be dripping in sweat, sitting in the shade, while a Thai doing physical labor won't even 'glisten'.

To put all this in perspective, the coldest temperature ever recorded here was around 4C, or about 40F.

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