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Friday, December 04, 2009

Mexico: A Wander or Two Around San Cristobal

One of my favorite things to do in San Cristobal was to pick a direction and go for a wander.  Sometimes I'd have a destination, like a church or a museum, but sometimes I'd just head up a hill to see what was there.  It only took a turn onto a side street to put me in a different city, without hotels or restaurants with menus in English.

If it rained, as it often did, I would duck into a nearby cafe or pastry shop, order hot chocolate and wait it out.  I found some nice places to eat that way.

Sundays, however, were a different story.  On Sundays, most places are closed.  Getting caught in the rain without an umbrella on a Sunday afternoon can leave one cold, and drenched to the skin both from the rain and the occaisional splash by a passing car.

I know this.  My innate sense of direction is barely good enough to get me across a room, let alone tell me that I am not three blocks from the hotel, but nearly twenty.  Notice the clouds in the picture below.  I took it just before I headed back to my hotel, starting with a ten- block excursion in the opposite direction.