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Friday, March 28, 2008

Nicaragua: Laguna de Apoyo

One day I broke my routine of eat, read, walk, swim, visit with people, and went on a day trip to Laguna de Apoyo. Volcan de Apoyo's crater is filled with water, clean and warm. Warm because it still has, after all, lava underneath it.

The Oasis orgaizes the trip, with a daily minibus out to the Laguna. Passengers can take the bus only, pay for the facilities for a day at a small lodge called Crater's Edge, or stay overnight. I thought a day would be enough. It's another time that I probably should have gone for the longer trip.

After negotiating my way down some stairs, I found myself in a shelter stocked with rocking chairs, hammocks, and a bar offering ice cold Diet Cokes. I sat around for a while and talked and read, then tried the water. After lunch, I sort of half swam and half floated out to the swim platform. I wasn't really up to making a big effort out of anything.

I clambered up the ladder and spread myself to dry in the sun. The platform tilted enough in the small waves that occaisionally water washed up and wet my feet and legs. Perfect, just enough to cool me off.

Until I noticed what sounded like a large animal breathing right below me. Shades of Stephen King! A monster under the water!

Air was being trapped under the platform, and then escaping between the boards of the deck. Reallly, it sounded just like a monster. Seriously.

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