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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Nicaragua: Charco Verde, Omotepe

Black sand beach, green lagoon, monkeys, and jungle trails. For ten days I stayed in Charrco Verde, getting in some beach time, taking some walks, reading, and playing on the internet.

Charco Verde is a small bay on the island of Omotepe, in the middle of Lake Managua. Hot black sand makes up the beaches. The island was created by two volcanos whose lava flows eventually met, and where they met the gradually eroding lava formed beaches.

When I arrived, I took the first room I found, thinking that the next morning I would look for something cheaper than $10 per night. So my first day included a stroll down the beach path.

The local laundry area was constructed from stone tables set out in the water, where clothes were being soaped, scrubbed, rinsed, and spread to dry. Women washing their hair and their children looked up as I ducked under a low-lying branch and stopped to take a picture of the volcano and the fields.

While my search for a room involved a very nice walk, it didn't net any bargains. In fact, the cheaper, backpacker oriented place wanted more for a room than I was paying. So I stayed where I was, lazing away the days.

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