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Monday, March 24, 2008

Nicaragua: Granada Again, After Four Years

A one kilometer walk, a local bus, a ferry, a taxi, two hours on an inter-city local, another walk, and I was back in the Oasis Hostel in Granada again after four years. Not much has changed. The murals are the same, the dorm is the same, and I think I even got the same bed.

Granada seems to have changed some, though. I think there are a lot fewer street children, and the place has a more prosperous feel. Things are also more expensive. I didn't go into a couple of restaurants that I used to frequent regularly, largely because of the prices. Either they've gone up or I was willing to spend a lot more money back then. I think some of it is the latter.

Four years ago, it was May, the hottest month of the year. I had left the US on December 23, and had traveled around the Yucatan for a few weeks, then spent a couple of days in Belize (Placencia may be great, but not in the rain) before going on to Honduras and Nicaragua. I was, I remember, sick to death of Central American food, gallo pinto in particular.

Anyway, some things were the same. The horse drawn carriages, the old buildings, and the market. It's nice sometimes, when you are traveling, to arrive in a place you already know a bit about from personal experience. It's a mini homecoming, of sorts.

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