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Monday, February 04, 2008

Costa Rica: The Decision

Costa Rica!

I finally made a commitment to Jellybean to go to Costa Rica with her on her birding trip. I bought a round trip ticket with a return in March. It was actually about the same as any one way fares I was able to find, so if I decide I don’t want to go back to the US then, it really makes no difference financially.

After driving to North Carolina, I began preparations for the trip. Some of my standby routines won’t work. I was 650 miles from my storage locker. I lost enough weight that clothes were literally about to fall off of me, so maybe pulling old things out of the locker wouldn’t have worked anyway. Besides after traveling for most of the past four years, I really don’t have a lot left. Travel is hard on clothes, and I usually have to toss most of them at the end of a trip. Every day as I get ready for bed, I inspect my clothing for tears, stains, and other problems. Apparently I don’t do a very good job, because I got out a pair of capris I had with me on my last trip and noticed that the insides of the legs were pretty much gone. That last trip through the laundry must have done them in.

A new adapter plug, a soap dish, T-shirts, and on and on. Finally I was finished with preparations. I had to be, since a friend of Jellybean’s was picking us up the next day to drive us down to Myrtle Beach, where we would take our early morning flights.

Costa Rica! Traveling again!

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