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Sunday, January 27, 2008

USA: Back home, but not really

There I was, armed with a broom, sweeping snow off CR’s car and mine. Snow, mind you. I don’t do snow. And cold, it got cold. 19 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s about -8 Celsius. For someone who normally needs a sweater at anything below 75F, nineteen is bordering on unbearable.

How did this happen?

I finally left Penang. On October 16th, I got on a plane in Kuala Lumpur and flew back to Wilmington, North Carolina, where I had left my car with my friend Jellybean. Hoping to beat the cold weather, I headed north to Raoul’s house in southern Massachusetts, with just short stops along the way.

So Raoul’s, then my brother’s, then my friend CR’s house in Falls Church, Virginia. Once again, health problems intervened, this time the dental type. And once again, my departure was delayed. Or it would have been if I’d had any idea where I wanted to go.

Finally, as really, really cold weather loomed, I decided to join Jellybean on a trip to Costa Rica. I never made it to Florida at all. I managed to come home without actually going home.

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