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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Costa Rica: I don't like Latin music, either

I don't like Latin music, either. On my second trip to Central America, there was a very popular song called "Nunca, Nunca". Or, "Never, Never". I think those were the only two words in the song. I heard it everywhere. In restaurants, on buses, in the internet cafes. It really wasn't even that Latin sounding, but it drove me crazy, and basically solidified my dislike, big time.

So when I cam out of the Gold Museum and saw that a band was set up outside, I sort of cringed. But amazingly, the music was rock. In Spanish, but definitely rock. I sat down to listen for a while.

The museum is under the Parque Central, and the steps leading down to the entrance were designed to form an ampitheater. Set up a stage, and you are good to go, complete with a concrete dance floor.

It's little surprises like this that make travel fun.

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