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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Costa Rica: Moving On

While we were in La Fortuna, Jellybean made plans to go to a national park that is supposed to be great for birding. Nothing I read about it appealed to me, so I decided it was time to split and head for Nicaragua. As it turned out, she ended up going to Los Chiles, near the Nicaraguan border. Meanwhile, I decided I definitely wanted to see the lava on Arenal, and hung around until we got a clear day. Most people who go to see Arenal don't get to see it, because, like a lot of volcanos, clouds tend to settle around the top. I was really lucky to have two clear days out of, I think, five.

Now, Nicaragua made no sense as a destination, since my purported reason for coming to Central America was to check out possible retirement in Panama. In case you haven't noticed, Nicaragua is in the other directin. The real reason was to get off my butt and to pass some time with Jellybean, whom I'd hardly seen in my three months in the US.

Since Nicaragua was an afterthought, I glommed onto it as if it were my primary destination, and headed off.

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