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Friday, December 22, 2006

Chiang Mai: Internet at the Pirates Cove

I started yesterday at one of my favorite breakfast places, a little spot that has a Mexican breakfast that I like. Scrambled eggs with green pepper, tomato, and onion, rolled in a flour tortilla, and covered in salsa. Somehow I got involved in a couple of conversations, and really didn't get on my way until noon.

Then I got a rather unfortunate manicure. I chose white polish, not expecting a sort of day-glow white. I really should get over this manicure thing. But it is so nice.

I pretty much spent rest of the day at the Pirates Cove, on the internet 'working' on the blog, my photos, a possible website. I worked away at the Pirates Cove, ate, worked some more, chatted with a couple of people, then back to the clicking and typing. Things went well for a while, until I lost an hour's work. Suddenly, in my mind, the whole day was wasted, when really it was only a small piece of it. So I packed up to go back to the room a little early. But it was already past midnight. Again. Not exactly early.

The second bed is used for storage and as a stageing area where I sort out what to take with me on any given departure from my room. Last night it was so cold that I got out of bed to move all the junk. I shuffled it around so that I could remove the bedspread and add it to my own. Once I thawed, having two blankets was much warmer. The windows in this room don't close, so it is freezing at night. Not literally, since there has never been a frost recorded here. But still, it was cold.

That was it. Exciting, no?

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