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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Chiang Mai: An Inefficient Path

I slept really late, after reading way into the wee small hours. First I went to the Same Same for fruit salad, and to do a free book exchange. Then I crossed the street to the drugstore that carries Off! insect repellent. I picked up a few other things - a small bottle of shampoo, some body lotion, basic stuff. The basic stuff that I left out of my budget when I was estimating how much it would cost to stay here. None of the items is expensive, but I go through a can of insect repellent in about a week. When your budget is low, even inexpensive items have a big percentage impact.

From there I went to another pharmacy to get some meds and to weigh myself. It helps to use the same scale, so I know any change is in me, not the hardware involved. I'm not an ounce lighter than I was over a week ago.

Then I backtracked past the Same Same to pick up my laundry, and went back to the guest house. After distributing all my various goods, I propped myself up on the bed with a book.

When I woke up, I picked up the big computer pack, and started the walk over to the bar. I stopped at the Corner Restaurant for dinner, because I really like their vegetable green chili curry.

Somehow I managed to spend the whole evening on the internet without getting anything done but yesterday's blog post. How could that be? I had pictures ready to upload, applications to microstock sites to submit, and all I did was surf.

Walking back at about a quarter past midnight, I felt quite safe and secure. There are a several open bars along the way, and here the bars all have one side open to the street. This makes being out seem safe. But I wonder if I should. I'll go with my gut, because it has worked for me so far.

I've been thinking that, as a traveler, I have been here nearly long enough. I am used to the carts selling just about everything, the odd forms of transportation, the occaisional Thai carrying goods in baskets suspended from a pole balanced on his or her shoulders. But maybe a traveler isn't what I need to be right now. The comfort of the familiar is very appealing.

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