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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Chiang Mai: Blogging

I've been playing around with the blog, as you may have noticed. Or not.

At one point the background was black with orange print. When that wasn't too popular, I switched to a beige color scheme. I went back to the black background when I logged on in an internet cafe and instead of the beige I thought I had chosen, I saw an ugly yellowish color. To be blunt, it looked as if my pictures were swimming in baby shit. Back to black.

Then I fussed with the blog text font size, which used to be a bit time-consuming. The new version of blogger has made it easier to manipulate this stuff, so I also messed around with the headings and the sidebar colors.

Which made me notice that I don't have much in my sidebar. So I added links to my microstock photo agencies.

Then I saw these nice book cover images on another blog, Paris Breakfasts, and I decided to add images for the books I've been reading. That proved to be a bit complicated, so I just put in text links. Just when I decided to abandon the idea, I had an inspiration, and now I have my book covers. I think I really just like the bright colors.

For someone who used to earn her living as a programmer, I seem to be awfully dense about this stuff. But then I don't devote eight hours or more to learning, either. The only reason the books all got done today is that it has been overcase, so I didn't feel like going to the pool. Instead, I did books. And this post. Tomorrow is looking like a big pool day.

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