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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Chiang Mai: And Still Changing

Yesterday, while I was having my Mexican breakfast at the little place down the road, I met a woman who goes to Chiang Mai University on the weekends. She was about to go out there to do some reading at the library and asked me if I wanted to go along. Of course.

She drove me out there, to a very pretty wooded campus. We had some iced coffee, then went on to the library. At the very back of the first floor there is an American Center, with American magazines, videos, and a big TV that is always set to some American channel. I sat and read magazines, some pretty out of date. Still it was fun.

I got lost about three times on the way back out on foot. I asked directions, and left a couple of students looking pretty proud of themselves for having been able to give them.

That was just the beginning of my walk. I decided I needed some exercise, and since there were no tuktuks in sight, now was the time to get it. On the way I found a place called The Pub, and suddenly I was starving. I went in and had real bangers and mash, with fried onions. A real treat, since every time I order sausage here I get these absolutely horrible hot dogs.

Back on the road, I finally found a tuktuk. The driver proceeded to drive me all over creation, but I eventually made it back to the Guest House.

Of course, I'm still debating about which way to do the visa.

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