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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Chiang Mai: What to write about?

How do I decide what to write about? I could give you an account of each day. I could then just write one or two posts and tweak them a little. I could have a "pool day" post, and an "errand day" post, and an "average day" post. Every once in a while I could leaven the mix with some unusual activity, such as visiting a wat. I'd die of boredom.

So, how do I decide? First, I look at my photos. If I took a picture, or tried to take one, maybe I should post about it. I think about the last few days. Did I talk with anyone interesting, notice anything unusal? What did I do with my time? I look at e-mails I received. Any questions? sometimes a post in some travel forum provides the seed. I look around me. What is happening right now?

So far I haven't run out of things to say. Stop laughing. It has happened a few times.
Surely. It must have. I'm sixty-one years old.

One advantage of posting this way is that I'm not dependent on dates. Sometimes, like now, I sit down and write four or five posts at once on my laptop while I'm offline, dig around my files and memory card for photos that I want to share, and copy them to a read/write disk. I take that to an internet cafe, and load them into blogger. Then, any day that I don't feel up to writing, or just would rather be at the pool or wandering around town in a pool of sweat, I stop in an internet cafe, review the draft, reset the date, and publish.

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