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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Chiang Mai: Happy Feet

My feet were still hurting. Resting all day didn't help them recover from nearly five miles of pavement pounding. So I treated them to a one-hour massage at the sidewalk place, while I waited for the parade that closes Loi Kratong. I wanted a half hour massage, but the woman didn't hear the 'half'. By the time I realized what had happened, it was way too late. I wasn't going to just do one foot.

The massage wasn't always pleasant. Thai massages tend to be a little rough, but I always feel great afterwards. This time I only felt great from the knee down. My thighs still ached, but I could walk without wincing.

I watched most of the parade from a small table at a sidwalk restaurant. Since reservations were required for these prime seats, I felt lucky when a couple got up and abandoned their table. This was the 'big' parade, not because it was longer but because the floats were bigger.

One float in particular got a lot of attention. The dancers that preceded the float and those on the float were exceptionally good. Even I could tell they were better than anyone else I had seen. People crowded around when they had a rest stop, taking pictures and staring at the amazing positions of the dancers arms and legs. When it was over, everyone applauded, but no one moved. The crowd held them up.

Loi Kratong is over, but next week there is a special show at the elephant showground. From now until the end of January I can go to an international flower show and competition that I've heard is really excellent. And I can go for half price (50 baht) due to my advanced age.

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