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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chiang Mai: An Errand Day

So, what does an errand day look like? It usually involves a fair amount of walking, some confusing directions, and a lot of gesturing and pointing. Today was no exception. I started off after breakfast, ready to accomplish just a couple of things.

First, I wanted to trade my book in. Easy, right next to the breakfast place. I turned in the old book, picked out the new one, and three dollars later I was on my way.

Second, I wanted to find a post office and mail some postcards. My map was confusing, and I had to ask directions four times. One of those times I was actually on the right street, but was told I had to go another two blocks and turn right. And this was from the guy who spoke good English.

By the time I mailed the postcards, with very disappointing metered stamps, I was dripping with sweat. I had walked over a mile. I saw an air-conditioned internet cafe, and went in, just to cool off. It was really cheap, 10 baht per minute. Eventually I left and walked another mile back to the guest house and a nice shower,

Third, I wanted to get some copies made and totally forgot. But I did pick up some insect repellent, so I got three things done anyway.

The walk itself was nice. I went through some neighborhoods with no English signs, and saw some nice old buildings. I'll take my camera next time. Never leave home without it.

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