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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Chiang Mai: Good food?

Maybe I should call this post "Food #1", because I will surely write about food again.

The food here is amazing in taste, presentation, appearance, and variety. What it isn't is healthy. It looks healthy. Heaps of vegetables in a soup-like curry sauce, steamed rice,
grilled satay, glazed fruits. It looks great.

But that soup is loaded with fat and salt, and possibly made with artery clogging coconut milk. The chicken in it was fried. And you eat that satay with peanut sauce. Want an ear of corn? The vendor will slice the kernels from the cob, mix them with condensed milk and sugar, and serve the delicious results in a cup. Watch someone make fried rice, and wince when you see the sugar added.

There are other unhealthy options. Want Italian? Like carbonara sauce? You can have it. Belgain waffles? Common. Sourbraten? No problem. How about a taco. Si, si.

But it tastes so good.

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