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Sunday, January 27, 2008

USA: I'm back

I’m back, with apologies and plans to do better this time.

I left off back in Penang, when I came down with a couple of different ailments, including a case of bronchitis so bad that I had to sit up all night to breathe. A secondary infection was resistant to all oral antibiotics, and I ended up in the hospital overnight to start getting my medication intravenously.

The experience was full of contrasts. Very modern in some respects, but a step back into the 50‘s in others. For instance, the hospital had one of the new cardio CAT scan machines, but the nurses wore white skirted uniforms, and the ward beds had to be hand-cranked.

Once I left the hospital, I had to go to their outpatient section twice a day for a week to get pumped full of the antibiotic. And once all that was over I was just plain wiped out from all the different antibiotics. Somewhere in there, I gave up on the blog.

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