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Friday, April 27, 2007

Penang: I Should Be Exploring More

I should be exploring more. I do walk down strange alleys, and sort of wander about, but I haven't done much sightseeing, and I've only left the old part of Georgetown once.

There is a mall at the edge of Chinatown that used to be the only one around. Now it is rather run down, but it does have a Starbucks with free wifi and air conditioning. That's where I am now.

However, this is an island with many towns and villages, and two newer, slicker, richer malls. I went out to Gurney Plaza one Saturday, just to watch the Malaysians shop. They are quite skilled at it.

It's a very different world out there. People see Georgetown and the run down buildings, and the grime, and think that everyone here is poor. I'm not sure who they think owns the Mercedes and the SUVs,though. Anyway, a visit to the mall would cure that. Behind the mall are high rise condos overlooking the sea, and the whole feeling is different.

I'm told that in the off season, some of the nice condos out at the beach are rented out for as little as $200 per month. Hmmmmm.

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