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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nicaragua: Granada, Friends From the Past

After searching around the wrong street, I finally found Nadine, a Canadian woman I knew from my first visit. I think I had her website or e-mail in my organizer that was stolen, but I'd never really gotten back in touch with here, or her with me. Her shop, Mavericks, is still there, although a lot else has changed in her life.

In addition to the shop, she has started a business helping people who are relocating to Nicaragua. It's called Details Management, and that's pretty much what she does. She'll help you register your children in school, or be your liaison with local contractors if you are building or remodeling. She rents properties, pays bills, and takes care of all those niggling details.

It was good to see that she is doing well, and is happy with her decision to come to Nicaragua. She's been there six years now. I've met a lot of people who last a year or two, then return to their home country. Not just in Nicaragua, but everywhere that expats go. It's one of the reasons I've hesitated about moving to one of the places I thought might be a nice place to settle.

So I drop by every day for a fruit smoothie. Sometimes she's there and we have a chance to catch up, sometimes she's not and I just exchange a book, or drink my smoothie and read, or chat with her kids for a bit.

It's that homecoming feeling again, seeing someone I know.

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