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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Chiang Mai: The People I Talk To

Even though I have very strong hermit tendencies, I do talk to quite a few different people most days. Start with yesterday, after I left the school.

First, I stopped for dinner at one of my favorite small restaurants. S brought his coffee over to sit with me, as I couldn't risk the unstable chairs at his table. S is a Canadian artist who used to teach English in Korea. He's here for a year to concentrate on art rather than on learning a living.

This morning I went to the same restaurant for breakfast and sat with D and a guy whose name I can never remember. D runs a charter boat back in Vancouver. He gave me some good information about beaches and a guest house in Hua Hin. The other guy was a university professor who taught for a year in Georgia, the country, not the state.

After running a few errands, I went to lunch, where I met a Canadian woman who has been in Thailand a couple of weeks. We had a nice long talk about hard beds, Thai food, and sex tourists.

This evening I came over to the Pirates Cove, and had a short chat with an American guy and his problems with his TEFL course here, and how badly Thai women are treated in general.

If I were a more outgoing person, I could probably find someone to talk to all day, every day. I could spend my life in serious discussions, solving all the problems of the world, with a few outtakes to share some travel advice.

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