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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Chiang Mai: A Frustrating Time

I'm sorry I neglected to report in, but I have had a frustrating couple of weeks. Nothing, I'm sure, to match up with any calm week in the life of a person with a regular job and real life.

The frustration stemmed from a number of things. My two-week job, not feeling well, aching knees, gaining three pounds, not saving several weeks worth of pictures, my own indecisiveness, and some dumb decisions.

I was doing some substitute ESL teaching and the classes kept getting canceled, one only an hour before I was to teach. They caught me before I left, so I didn't get paid. I asked to have the manager call me, but they never gave them the message.

I spent huge parts of the last two weeks sleeping. Suddenly I needed twelve hours sleep a day. I suppose that had something to do with gaining weight, along with a need for comfort food.

Then I did something to my knee, and it ached again. And I copied (I thought) some pictures to my laptop, then erased my memory card. But apparently I failed to save the pictures.

Every week I think of more options for what to do next and I waffle more. Then when I did decide, I didn't check it out well enough. So I went up and did the visa run, spending an official second in Myanmar (Burma). I had my big pack with me, because my plan was to spend the night in Mae Sai, then go to Pai. It looked reasonable on the map, but when I asked how to get to Pai (after I was in Mae Sai, of course), I heard this, "First you go to Chiang Mai..." At least I learned that I've got to strip out some of the stuff I've accumulated. I can barely lift my pack.

So I came back here, and just haven't left yet. Now the goal is the beach. Just don't know which one yet.

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