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Monday, May 05, 2008

Nicaragua: Wandering Around Granada

While wandering around Granada, I managed to take in many of the tourist sights. I went for pancakes one morning, and ended up in the convent museum across the street.


Rather than being filled with religious artifacts, it contained pre-Columbian sculptures and information about life before the arrival of the Spaniards.

I set off to find an ice cream shop someone had mentioned, overshot my mark, and found a park and several churches.

And of course there were the houses with historical plaques on them. Some of them I passed every day for weeks before noticing that some famous (to Nicaraguans) person had been born there or had lived there.

After weeks there, I would walk down a street and suddenly notice a grill or a decoration I hadn't seen before. Or someone would ask to have a picture taken, and I'd really look at the street for the first time.

One of the benefits of staying in one place for a while is the chance to accept as normal the things you saw as unusual when you arrived, and find another layer of new sights and experiences.

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