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Friday, April 04, 2008

Nicaragua: San Juan del Oriente, The Crafts Town

San Juan del Oriente is literally a few hundred yards from Catarina. I walked there after strolling around Catarina for over an hour, so you know it's close.

San Juan del Oriente is a crafts town, one of those places where you can see workers in their workshops, and every building seems to be sprouting examples of whatever is made there. In this case it is pottery. The streets (two of them) are lined with shops and restaurants, porches crammed with pottery, windchimes hanging from the rafters, so one thinks that they are some sort of plant being raised there.

When looking at crafts, there is high quality and low quality. I always go for the low quality small item, so it costs little, is not so likely to break, and I won't care much if it does. So, after I spent my two dollars (it was going to be $1.50, but the salesperson didn't have change, so I took it in goods), I got on the bus for home. Well, for Granada. By then it was feeling like home.

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