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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Chiang Mai: Where did I get all this stuff?

Well, I finally left Chiang Mai. With sore eyes and a raw throat, I took a bus to Bangkok. It was really weird to leave. I learned that when you have been somewhere a long time, packing is hell. You accumulate things. Having six books to read is fine when you are in one place. It is not appropriate for the road. A new blouse here, a skirt on sale there ($7), and you have too many clothes. That big bottle of shampoo that was so much cheaper suddenly seems like a very bad idea.

I did get rid of some stuff though, some of it inadvertently. I was considering dumping my Tevas because daily wear for five months had not been kind to them. And my flip flops looked like they were about to go, too. Then I decided to keep them. And then I left them behind.

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