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Monday, January 01, 2007

Chiang Mai: Happy 2007!

New Year's is not my favorite holiday. When I look back on the previous year, I start thinking of all the places I didn't go, and things I didn't do. I subconsciously make resolutions, even though I don't intend to. This year I'll go to Angkor Wat, lose weight, write more letters, whatever. And then my year turns out totally differently, of course. If there are enough new and interesting things in it, then I don't care whether I did those things my subconscious chose. But when the year was dull, then I mind.

New Year Celebrations, both of them, are big holidays here. The Thai New Year is in April, when they have the water festival. But the worldwide one is important, too. Once again Chiang Mai was flooded with Thai tourists. I hid out at the pool.

I did treat myself to some nice meals, ribs at the Sizzler, and penne with eggplant and olives at my favorite Italian place. I even had a glass of wine. But now it is back to curries and noodle soups.

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